We don’t realise how lucky we are having such beauties flying every month’s first Sunday. Caps off to the labour of all the volunteers and partners of the Fundación Infante de Orleans (FIO)

43 Grupo

The “focas” (as the Canadair CL-215 and CL-415 planes of the 43 Grupo are informally called) are well known and appreciated by Spaniards as they are one of the iconic images in every year firefighting campaigns..

Fiesta Nacional 2018

Finally in 2018 I managed to assist as spotter to Torrejon Air Base on the Spanish National Day (October 12). There we could photograph all the aircrafts deployed in Torrejon for the air parade. Air parade that was cancelled because of the weather in Madrid, but all the aircrafts were able to take off in Torrejon and we could enjoy a lot.


Back to 2016, the Zaragoza Air Base hosted NATO Tiger Meet 16. Huge congratulations to the personnel of the Air Base and of the Ala 15 who were helpful and kind with all of the spotters we were there.

25 Ala 48

It was an amazing exhibition what we were able to look at Cuatro Vientos Air Base because of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Ala 48 (48th Wing) of the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire de España).

Thank you very much to the OFICOM of the Ala 48 that managed to organize this event.

Full moon

After months of thinking about the scene, and months preparing the best place and the time of the moonrise, I finally managed to take a pic of the moon in the exact place (centered between the Cuatro Torres Business Area).